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New educational information is available in the Associate Library from the National Academy of Sciences titled Damp Indoor Spaces and Health

BioHazard Awareness, Education, & Investigation

RespirCare Analytical has provided BioHazard Awareness, Education, & Investigation services since June 2005. Mike Buettner, Founder of the RespirCare Associate Network, has trained over 900 North American Home and Property Inspectors to conduct BioContaminant Inspections. Performing numerous investigations and assisting in multiple court room victories, Mike is an expert witness providing litigation support to United States based law firms. RespirCare currently reviews the analytical data for environmental and home inspection companies across North America. This extensive data review allows daily interaction with inspectors testing in various environments across the North American Continent. Mr. Buettner is ACAC Board Certified as an Indoor Air Quality Manager and Indoor Environmentalist.

Indoor Mold Testing & Mold Investigation

Visual Assesments
Laboratory Sample Collection
Laboratory Data Interpretation
Post-Remediation Verification
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Indoor Moisture Damage Investigations

Visual Moisture Assessment
Electronic Moisture Assessment
Thermal Imaging Assessment
Full Report and Documentation
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Asthma Triggers and Allergen Environmental Testing

U.S.E.P.A. Asthma Home Env. Checklist
Dust Sample Collection
Laboratory Data Interpretation w/ Threshold Limit Values (TLVs)
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