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Welcome to the RespirCare Associate Library.

This library contains documents and templates that RespirCare Associates may find useful.  The documents where developed over the past decade by submissions made from participating RespirCare Associates.  Please feel free to use these documents for marketing and education.  This library is updated periodically.  If you feel that you have marketing, research, or training material that may benefit other RespirCare Associates please feel free to contribute by sending your submission to – this is your library.  Enjoy.

RespirCare Associate Inspector Tools

Asthma Home Environment Checklist

Chain of Custody (COC) Canada Excel – Canadian Inspector COC – Editable

Chain of Custody (COC) Canada PDF – Canadian Inspector COC

Chain of Custody (COC) USA Excel – United States Inspector COC – Editable

Chain of Custody (COC) USA PDF – United States Inspector COC

Chain of Custody (COC) Guide – Simple COC instructions

Guidance Letter for Remediation Firms – Post Remediation Verification (PRV) Inspection Expectations

RespirCare Associate Logo – For use by approved RespirCare Associates

Basic Mold Awareness Presentation – May be modified as needed by the associate for custom presentations

RespirCare Training – Entry Level: Associate Candidate Training

BioContaminant Testing – Mold and Asthma Trigger Inspection Training Course Outline

RespirCare Associate Training Manual

Mold and Asthma Trigger Inspection Training Course

RespirCare Sampling Guidelines 2015

Michael Buettner Statement of Qualifications

EPA Online Mold Course

EPA ERMI Update Aug 2013 – Warning not to use for home inspections

2014 Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) Mold In Housing

Home Environment Checklist

NIOSH Respirator Selection Logic

RespirCare Course Marketing Information

RespirCare Training – Associate and Data Review Level: Continuing Education

Damp Indoor Spaces and Health

EPA Building Air Quality A Guide for Building Owners and Facility Managers

EPA Guidance for Preparing SOPs

2013 Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) MOLD IN HOUSING

Health Canada Fungal Contamination in Public Buildings Health Effects And Investigation Methods

UNIFIED FACILITIES GUIDE SPECIFICATIONS – UFGS-02 85 00.00 20 (May 2011) This document covers the requirements for the
assessment, demolition, cleaning, removal, and disposal of mold contaminated materials in United States Government Facilities

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