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For the past 8 years I have been using the services of RespirCare Analytical as a method of secondary data review. The service has been invaluable for my business. The RespirCare staff is incredibly conscientious and thorough.
My business is located in Southern Oregon with a territory encompassing most of Northern California and all of Oregon. I’ve performed more than 1700 mold investigations, and my client list includes various departments of the state and federal government, several city governments and school districts, 2 major hospitals, Southern Oregon University, and other notable businesses.

Most of the major remediation contractors use my services as an independent contractor providing hygiene services. I can’t afford to have any loose ends, or make any mistakes. Having RespirCare provide a secondary data review for every one of my clients is an essential part of my business. I’m grateful for the service they provide…and as a bonus my lab costs are less than I would be paying on my own and I get preferential treatment from the lab as well. Thank you RespirCare!

Anton Abben | Advanced Indoor Diagnostics, LLC
RespirCare Analytical has been my go to company for the past seven years for accredited third party data review. I have called on Mr. Buettner at critical times to discuss environmental and construction issues regarding my clients and found him to be not only knowledgeable but also insightful; always pushing the envelope by providing an in-depth understanding and analysis of the topic for his associates. I believe his services to be invaluable to the selected few that want to surpass their competition and to lead, not follow, the future of the Indoor Environment Industry.
Clinton J. Ford MS, CIAQM, CIE, CMR, CRMI – President | Advanced Building Consultants
Our Company motto is: “Everyone deserves to live and work in a healthy Indoor environment” and RespirCare Analytical gives us the comfort of knowing we are meeting our goals. We have been a very satisfied company in Canada for over 9 years using the RespirCare Data Review System and are recognized for professional third party data review in all our work.
Don Schmidt | Pres. Medallion Indoor Environmental Inc – Servicing the Vancouver and Fraser Valley in British Columbia.
I just wanted to thank you for the great support with the data review letters, verbal support and training you have given to me and my employees over the past 10 years. My office staff enjoys working with you because of your professionalism.

All of the remediation contractors that we work with are thankful for the way you put out your Data Review Letters so they can have the assurance that their jobs truly pass the current standards that are out there, and it takes the weight off of our shoulders when they do not pass, and the verbal support you give us in times when we need a good cop, or bad cop, because no remediation contractor likes to fail, your explanations to them on why their job may have failed takes a huge burden off of me, so I can continual to give them the best support I can, your professionalism and knowledge makes me and my staff look good, which in turn makes them look good when the job does pass.

Matt Dawes | Building Specs, LLC Certified – ASHI Home Inspector #211680 – ACAC Certified Residential Mold Inspector #11542
I have known Mike Buettner for nearly 10 years since taking a mold inspection course from him at Aerotech Laboratories in Phoenix. Soon after, I joined him as a RespirCare Associate and have over the years benefitted greatly from his professional advice regarding proper mold inspection technique and analysis, as well as personal advice regarding my ongoing mold inspection business. RespirCare Analytical has always been responsive to my phone calls and emails and always seems to have time to cover the pertinent topic.

My clients always receive a written report from me, which includes a letter from RespirCare stating a conclusion and analysis of the lab report. This letter is highly important as it bolsters my report, as well as providing an extra set of ‘eyes’ on the lab report, ensuring quality assurance. If ever I question the interpretation of the report, the trained staff is always willing to discuss my viewpoint of the lab report and any pertinent field observations.
Service has always been great, as RespirCare has a special relationship with the laboratory. Results are emailed quickly from RespirCare and, if needed, I can deliver the report quickly to the client.

I look forward to continuing my relationship with RespirCare as long as I am in business.

David Hartman | Air Quality of New Mexico, LLC
For my home inspection business, Respircare Analytical has been a crucial tool in my belt. They are professional, timely, and responsive. The third party data review allows me to report to my clients with confidence every time.
Todd Wright | Wright Home Inspection, LLC
I have been associated with RespirCare Analytical since 2012 and will continue to do so. I have found them to be professional, thorough, and a pleasure to deal with. Whenever I have had any questions or required direction, it was provided without hesitation. I would highly recommend them to any potential associate clients.
Hugh Dwyer | Advance Look Building Inspections and Environmental Testing Inc – 356 Ontario St. Suite 342 Stratford, ON. N5A 7X6
I recently decided to incorporate mold and allergy testing/inspection into my current home inspection business. The team at Respircare Analytical provided me with training material that I could study at home before the class exam, which was great because it did not interrupt my home inspection business.
The expedited laboratory service makes for quick turn-around times, as well as professional Data review provided by Respircare Analytical is a great selling point for any potential client.
Rob Hill | Arizona Professional Home Inspection
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